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If You Don't See Results, There's No Cost To You

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At Clearview Group, we recognize that no two clients or engagement are alike. However, as you navigate the business landscape through current and future COVID-19 related challenges, one of your organization’s main goals is likely consistent with the rest: focus on the bottom line and support activities that add to it. Engaging with Clearview Group on contingent fee service offerings is one unique way to support this strategy and we have years of experience doing just that for our clients. Our seasoned consultants perform the following services on a contingent fee basis, which means if you don’t see financial results, there is no cost to you. We recover money owed to or overpaid by your organization, adding to the bottom line without a sunken cost. Simply put, these services are guaranteed to pay for themselves!

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AP Recovery Audits

  • Analyze Disbursements Data for Sources of Overpayments
  • Utilize Data Analytics to Identify Vendor Contract Exceptions
  • Identify, Negotiate & Recover Overpayments from Vendors
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Construction Audits

  • Assess Financial Compliance of Billings Against Terms & Conditions of Contracts
  • Validate Labor & Materials Purchases and Identify Non-compliant Charges
  • Review Change Order Pricing
  • Identify, Negotiate & Recover Overpayments from Contractors
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Real & Personal Property Tax Assessment

  • Review Assessment Appeals Opportunities
  • Assess Property-Specific Information
  • Assistance Through Mass Appraisal Techniques
  • Challenge Audit Assessments
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Sales & Use Tax Evaluation

  • Evaluate Sales & Use Tax Exemption Opportunities
  • Identify & Recover Sales & Use Tax Overpayments
  • Provide Future Sales & Use Tax Guidance to Compliance

How We Can Help

Clearview Group’s seasoned consultants are well-versed in the AP Recovery Audit and Construction Audit fields. Through these engagements, our team will analyze, identify, communicate and recover any duplicate or over payments back to your bottom line – all on a contingency based fee model. Upon completion of each audit, your hand-selected core project team will provide detailed dashboard reporting and deliverables that provide visibility on trends and gaps in procedures. These findings will include an executive summary, recommendations on how to strengthen controls and a road map to improve effectiveness and efficiency moving forward.

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State and local taxes account for a significant portion of the overall tax burden of most companies. Compliance with these very specialized taxes can be difficult since tax laws vary greatly state by state. As a result, many companies inadvertently overpay. Clearview’s state and local tax professionals have years of experience helping clients recover overpaid taxes, and develop processes to ensure their future tax burdens are reduced as a result of our work.

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    Sales & Use Tax Reverse Audit: Personal Genome Diagnostics (PGDx)

    See how Clearview Group helped PGDx remedy overpayments and take advantage of opportunities for recovery.

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Meet Your Experts

  • Kris Pratte | B&W Headshot

    Kris Pratte


    Kris Pratte is a Director in the Firm’s Advisory Services practice and co-leads the firm’s Internal Audit and Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance engagements and pursuits. Kris has more than 20 years of internal audit, risk, compliance, process improvement, Pre IPO readiness, M&A due diligence, and fraud prevention experience as a Chief Audit Executive for both public and private companies.

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  • Mike Ginski | B&W Headshot

    Mike Ginski


    Mike Ginski is a Director within the State & Local Tax (SALT) practice at Clearview Group. He is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with significant accounting, consulting, and internal controls experience. He is also a subject matter expert in Multi-State Sales and Use Tax Consulting, as well as, statistical sampling techniques.

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  • Chris Tracy | B&W Headshot

    Chris Tracy


    Chris is a Director within the State & Local Tax (SALT) practice at Clearview Group. He is an experienced multistate transaction tax consultant specializing in Sales and Use, Virginia Business Professional Occupational License (BPOL), Business License, Gross Receipts, Personal Property, 和联邦消费税.

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